The world is my runway

The world is my runway
Image: Polyvore – Styling: 3C Style

This is an easy-to-pull-together combination. I’ve got the exact same outfit and I’ve been wearing it for quite a bit now. Still love it! – Un agencement facile et indémodable. J’ai exactement la même tenue que je porte chaque été depuis bien longtemps. J’aime toujours!


R13 cotton tee
205 CAD –

Lucky Brand veste en denim
130 CAD –

DKNY royal blue pants
145 CAD –

Converse low profile shoes
73 CAD –

Michael Kors yellow gold jewelry
310 CAD –

Tory Burch bracelet en émail
170 CAD –

Alexander mcqueen scarve
405 CAD –

Orange shawl
91 CAD –

New Look dop kit
6.90 CAD –

Max Factor nail polish
1.56 CAD –

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