5 tips to make your look cool

With the new year beginning we all look for fresh ways to wear our clothes. Sometimes all it takes is a quick update. Here’s 5 tips to give a contemporary twist to your outfits and make your look cool.

1. Cuff your jeans

You can fold them, roll them or simply flip the tips of the hem. It depends on the type of jeans you wear. Usually, if they are straight, it’s better to fold them. If they are boyfriend style, it’s nice to roll them.

2. Mix the styles and patterns 

For example, wear a borrowed garment from the men’s wardrobe with a feminine piece. Tweed pants with silk blouse or a lace skirt with a button-down are always good options.

3. Wear a scarf

Around your neck, your purse or your wrist. Your choice. Matching a scarf with your top is very elegant.
Street Style Day 2 - Copenhagen Fashion Week SS17
Photo by Christian Vierig / Getty Images

4. Do The Half-Tuck 

For a relax and casual look.
Photo by Christian Vierig / Getty Images

5. Wear sneakers

For a very cool feel, tie the laces of your trainers behind your ankles.
Lastly, remember to always opt for an eco-socio-friendly product. That is to say a garment made from natural and organic materials manufactured in a country known for its environmental and social standards.
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