Striped skirt with a graphic tee

I love stripes. I have for a long time. It’s such a classic pattern. I often mix my striped items with floral or leopard prints. A match winner! But these days, everybody does it. So, I thought why not clash this print against a graphic tee, a major trend this spring. Besides, I’m in the mood for exploring right now. Here’s how I re-arranged my striped pencil skirt. This is round 6 of my capsules of clothing remix. Remember, I take ONE piece from my wardrobe and create a new outfit with items that I already own. The goal here is not to end up with several ensembles but to have one new stunning outfit that I will actually wear and feel good in. Read my post Remix: my tweed pants to know how I actually do it.

J’adore les rayures. C’est un imprimé classique que je porte depuis longtemps. J’agence souvent mes pièces rayées à des imprimés floraux ou léopard. Un effet wow assuré! Mais tout le monde le fait de nos jours. Donc, j’explore de nouvelles possibilités. D’où l’idée d’essayer les rayures avec un t-shirt graphique, une tendance majeure ce printemps. Voici donc comment j’ai ré-agencé ma jupe crayon rayée. Ceci est la sixième capsule de ma série dédiée à la création de nouveaux ensembles à partir de vêtements de ma garde-robe. Je prends UNE pièce et je crée une nouvelle tenue avec des items que je possède déjà. Rappelons que le but ici n’est pas d’obtenir plusieurs ensembles, mais d’avoir une nouvelle et magnifique tenue que je vais porter et dans laquelle je vais me sentir bien. Voir ma capsule Remix: my tweed pants pour obtenir plus de détails sur la façon dont je procède.

The piece:  A red and black striped pencil skirt. – La pièce: Une jupe crayon rayée  rouge et noire.

How I normally wear it: I usually wear this skirt with a white button-down and pumps for a professional and polished look. Comment je la porte habituellement: Généralement, avec une blouse blanche et des escarpins pour un look professionnel et raffiné.

What I want: I want a casual street style look. You know, a nice outfit with a laid-back feel. – Mon objectif: Je veux un street style look décontracté. Bref, un ensemble que je peux porter au bureau, sans être “tiré à quatre épingles”.

Inspiration: What a better way to create a street style look then with a t-shirt? – Quel meilleur moyen de créer un street style look qu’avec un t-shirt imprimé?

My look – Mon Look:


How will you style your graphic t-shirt this spring? Tell me, I’d love to hear from you. – Comment porterez-vous votre t-shirt imprimé ce printemps? Partagez vos opinions. C’est toujours un réel plaisir d’avoir l’avis des lectrices.


Outfit: Blazer – H&M (old / also like this one from J. Crew here on sale at 220.00 $ CAD + 25% with code HELLOSUMMER) T-shirt – Simons Skirt – Remode (Vintage) Shoes – Vero Cuoio (which mean created by Italian shoewear artisans) Rings – The Right Hand Gal (available at Room Service Loft Boutique) Sunglasses – Derek Lam (similar here) Bracelet – Baublebar

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  1. I received my new graphic tee last Friday. It’s so beautiful that I’m afraid to wear it because every day brings on new stains, spills and clumsiness. I AM the American version of Lisa Leblanc’s “Aujourd’hui Ma Vie C’est la Merde” –but only when it comes to ruining clothing. The tee that I ordered? J Crew’s “Heels on Fire”. I may wear it to my niece’s Uni graduation this weekend!! I LOVE your ensemble!!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks for sharing Catherine! Personally, I have to stop wearing my graphic t-shirt; at least for a while, because I’ve been wearing it so often that I’m beginning to look like a carton character! Send me a link or a photo of your t-shirt if you can so I could see it. I did try to find it on J. Crew’s site but couldn’t. Take care!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, I just started on Instagram: 3cstyle_fashion (because apparently there is another 3cstyle. How could this be!!!!! ha, ha). I will search for you on Instagram…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. you got a great casual look 🙂
    I wear my tees with literally everything- denim, skirts, overalls, shorts or tailored pants… It is such a piece that with good accessories looks good with everything, isn’t it?
    Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Anja! I’m more a button-down kinda girl, but I do love the graphic t-shirt trend and will try to incorporate them more often into my wardrobe. Have a great weekend.

      Liked by 2 people

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