Launching the Fashioned by Nature shop on Threadless

When fashion and nature collide, you get the perfect balance of organic beauty enhanced by human ingenuity. With the Fashioned by Nature shop on Threadless, you get a collaborative effort between three passionate minds who are all agreed on one thing: A natural fashion makes the best clothes.
The Fashioned by Nature Threadless shop is the natural expansion of our When Fashion and Nature Collide (WFNC) monthly edition. The WFNC Issues feature outfit looks and designs inspired by Lisa and Darren’s zealous study of nature, artwork and photography. With such an impassioned team by my side, my part as stylist becomes quite easy. The outfits that I put together from Lisa and Darren’s art and photography are created in the spirit of protecting nature. I use clothing from my own wardrobe supplemented with new items from socio-eco-friendly brands, vintage shops and thrift stores. You can always see my new creations on the third Wednesday of each month.
The designs that we have created throughout the year on the When Fashion and Nature Collide collaboration serve as the launchpad for the wearable items in the Fashioned by Nature digital storefront.
We were able to begin distributing our newest clothing and product designs on the storefront just in time for Valentine’s Day. We are leading with our immensely popular Bee Cuzz, Make Waves Protect the Ocean, Dive Girl and Dragonfly tees. Our Cat’s Collection t-shirts are sure to be a hit when they all come out, which will be very soon. You can also look forward to our Tree Love design, Natural Identity, Sweet Tweets and Sweet Heart t-shirts. You are sure to love some of our other creative endeavors such as the fun and unique Pawsion Smiley, the Onion Eye and the Every Dog has its Day designs, three of my personal favorites!
Here are some of our designs available on the Fashioned by Nature Threadless shop.

4cat-shirts 2

Come to our initial sale for the best deals on all of the available shirts and different products, and be sure to bookmark the page for future sales and designs as they come. We think of these things quickly, and like nature, we move when we feel the passion hit us. We want you to keep up!
By changing the way we see the world, we change the way we think and live. We believe that sharing our perspective will encourage other like-minded souls to express their own. On the journey to finding harmony in the world, the more the merrier. Honestly, we are all Fashioned by Nature – the only difference is in how we express our gratitude.
02-stay-strong-webLet’s stay connected: Bloglovin – Instagram @3cstyle_fashion
Photo Credit: Creative concept by 3C Style; Photography by Annie Gaudreau

    1. The heart is made with craft paper and Mod Podge, which give its texture. I thought it would make a nice pic with my red gloves. My friend Annie took a perfect shot. I was very pleased with the result as it is exactly what I wanted for this post. Thank you so much Alan. Sending hugs from Montreal.


  1. Reblogged this on LISMORE PAPER and commented:
    I am excited to announce the launch of our new Threadless shop with my talented and amazing friends Dominique and Darren, Fashioned By Nature. Dominique ‘s announcement was the perfect introduction. I have reblogged her post. I hope you have a chance to check out our shop. Much love! Lisa

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    1. Lisa worked so hard on the shop. She made this dream come true! Thank you Linda for your support. Since the beginning of our journey, you were there with us. Your friendship and kind words are a great motivation. xoxo

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    1. Sadly, you were the victim to this crime Lady D, however who knows there may well be in the future a time when you are the Lead Inspector, something tells me you would make a scrutinising one at that! No leaf left unturned!

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  2. Good for you! This all sounds really exciting and I wish you success! I think we should all be more mindful of the provenance of our clothes. I am certainly much more aware of how long clothes should last, and preserving their life with careful washing. Your designs help to spread the word! Clothing with a conscience. I love it.

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    1. Such a beautiful comment, Ali! Thank you for reading me as well as for the positive feedback. Indeed, we all need to do our part to preserve our planet and sensible consumption of clothing is necessary. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting at the moment. Fortunately, people are starting to change their habits and brands have no choice but to follow the socio-eco-friendly trend. There is still a lot of work to do, however. Hugs.


    1. I know, I went to visit your blog as I wanted to make sure you were alright. I saw that you wrote a post about it. I think you have the right attitude. Something better for you will come along. Keep well. 💗

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    1. Thank you Sarah! I’ve half a letter written so far for you. It has been so crazy at work the past month I couldn’t find the time to finish it… Looks like you might only get it for Easter. Lol! I know you like vintage clothing but what about old news? Hugs to you as well dear friend. xoxo

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    2. Haha! Old news is better than no news. 😉 Totally get the feeling, I have a dozen or so emails that are only half or even less finished! LOL! 😀 No worries, Dominique, always take your time, I completely understand. And if I’m not mistaken, it´s actually me who needs to write first!! 😉 Have a lovely rest of the weekend and an awesome weekend to look forward to! xoxo

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